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Community Grant Application


Thank you for your interest in applying for funding from the FBB Community Grant Program. The donations that support this grant program come from regular folks who are donating to FBB out of the goodness of their hearts -- ten dollars here, a hundred dollars there -- so please make our supporters proud by reaping wonderful results.  For FBB funding, projects must meet the following criteria:

  • Projects must be community-based and implemented in Belize for the benefit of Belize and Belizeans focused on Education, the Environment, or Health.
  • Applicants must be non-profit, including Non-Governmental Organizations, Schools, and Communities.
  • Funding requests cannot exceed $1000 USD.
  • Projects must start and finish in the 2013 calendar year.
  • FBB funds cannot be used for lobbying, salary, subcontractor salary, or other benefits to individuals.
  • Applications must include a project description including objectives, location, beneficiaries, and time line and should demonstrate thorough planning.
  • Projects must provide a detailed budget of how FBB funds will be spent.
  • Incomplete and unsigned applications will not be accepted.


There are three options to apply:

1.  Fill out and submit the simple on-line application below (and read these full directions for each item on the application)

2.  Or, download the application at this link, fill it out and e-mail it to brandon@friendsofbelize.org.

3.  Or, download application at this link and send to:


Full Basket Belize Small Grants Program

C/O Leroy Almendarez

1275 Sundial Ave.

Coral Grove, Belize City


All applications must be received by September 30th, 2012. Announcements of awards will be in early November. Once contracts are received from winning projects, funds will be dispersed so that projects can begin by January 1st, 2013. If you have any questions, please contact brandon@friendsofbelize.org

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* Required information.
1. Lead organization: *
2. Date organization established: *
3. Mission and objectives of lead organization: *
4. Mailing address: *
5. Phone number: *
6. Fax number (if available):
7. Email and/or website *
8. Primary contact person for the lead organization: *
9. Primary contact person's association with lead organization: *
10. Primary contact person's email and phone number: *
11. Contact person for the project (if different):
12. Project contact person's association with lead organization:
13. Project person's email and phone number:
14. Title of program/project? *
15. Type of project: *
16. Summary of program or project: *
17. How will success be demonstrated to IFOB? *
18. Who will this project benefit? *
19. Amount of funding requested (maximum $1000 USD): *
20. Detailed budget: *
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Mission Statement

Full Basket Belize improves the education, health, and environment of Belizean communities through educational scholarships and community grants.

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